Developer Guide

The ScriptQueue CSC is implemented using ts_salobj.


The primary classes in ts_scriptqueue are:

  • ScriptQueue: a Commandable SAL Component (CSC) to queue and run SAL scripts.

  • QueueModel: a class that does most of the work for ScriptQueue.

lsst.ts.scriptqueue Package


configure_logging([verbose, console_format, ...])

Configure the logging for the system.


Find all public scripts in the specified root path.


Generate a log file name based on current time.


Return the default directory for the specified kind of scripts.


QueueModel(domain, log, standardpath, ...[, ...])

Code to load and configure scripts; implementation for ScriptQueue.

ScriptInfo(log, remote, index, seq_num, ...)

Information about a loaded script.

ScriptQueue(index[, initial_state, ...])

CSC to load and configure scripts, so they can be run.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of lsst.ts.scriptqueue.queue_model.QueueModel, lsst.ts.scriptqueue.script_info.ScriptInfo, lsst.ts.scriptqueue.script_queue.ScriptQueue

Build and Test

This is a pure python package. There is nothing to build except the documentation. Script ScriptQueue
setup -r .
pytest -v  # to run tests
package-docs clean; package-docs build  # to build the documentation


lsst.ts.ScriptQueue is developed at Bug reports and feature requests use Jira with labels=ts_scriptqueue.